Daftar Nama Band Screamo Indonesia

by Chaky Anvici on 06:23 AM, 17-Jul-12

Category: band metal indo

Alice In Wonderland
Always Disconnect
Angel Lost Diary
As Revenge
Asasins Of Enemy
Attack!!! The Headline
Behind The Wall
Bless For RestSweet
Bloody Dreams
Breathing And Grasping
Burial God
Burst Like Nitours
Byebye Bunny
CNB (Cockroach Not Butterfly)
Crime Of Violace
Crow End Smilling
Cry Before Smiling
Curse Of My Destiny
Dead With Falera
Death Indie Management
Depression Of Violence
Destiny Tears
Die Before Revenge
Don't Care Condition
Drops Of Dark Blood
Drowning In Silence
Emotion Sicknesz
Ending Without Story
Eyes Of Aurora
First Of Therapy
Fun Fun For Me
Grandmother Of The Children
Heaven On Tears
I Killed My Honey
I killed My Honey
J.E.A (Jenue Et Aqualusa)
Joyful Juliana
Killed For Renanda
Killed My Self
Last Breath Of Jasmine
Last Kiss From Avelin
Last Of Darkness
Last Summer Return
Level 9 Band
Life Me Overdoz
Light Mercy A Way
Lolli Gadget
Losing Friends
Memories To Revenge
Messor In Athena
Mind Your Head
Monster Phobia
My Bird Stand Up
My Black Diary
My Death Diary
One Day For Revenge
Phoenix On Alaska
Power For Ranger
Request Time Out
Resistance From Alana
Revenge Fate
Rise Of The Maria
Romeo Must Die
Romeo Suicide Tragedy
Scream From Deep Heart
Scream Of Revenge Brothercore
Scream Of Suffer
Secret Destiny For Callistha
Sending Voice
Siksa Kubur
Silence For Amora
Silence In Mortality
Something About Friday
Something For Continue
Soul In Rebel Art (S.I.R.A)
Soundrel From Hell
Stealth Of Permissions
Struck To The Head
Sweet Life Of Problema
Sweet Of Tragedy
Tale Of Destruction
Tears Of My Sorrow
The Civil Wears Monza
The CoralsVinily Vanitation
The Dumberdum
The Family Freak
The Sickness Of Virulence
The Trees And Emilyrose
Third Floor
Title Of A Regret
Today Of Tomorrow
Typical Voice
Under Emily's Bed
Useless Rebels
Violence Crash
Violence Sovia
Wasted From Reality

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28 responses to "Daftar Nama Band Screamo Indonesia"

KikaiGazerock [06:39 AM, 17-Jul-12]

Ane tau Jellyfish doank gan...
Mereka anak J-indo...
Gaya mereka ngikutin Alice Nine dan the GazettE yg berpenampilan Visual-Kei...
Lagunya yg terkenal 'Maafkan Aku'
Oia kalau sempat, kunbal ya...

sinyobain ® [07:14 AM, 17-Jul-12]

Helow bos,wah gk ad yg kenal,aliran ane Dangdutcheesy-grin

I S K A N D E R S™ [07:28 AM, 17-Jul-12]

nyimak sob, met sore sukses selalusmile

Vicky Syaifuddin [08:08 AM, 17-Jul-12]

Jazz nyimak

Sableng [10:02 AM, 17-Jul-12]

wah gw kaga tau band yg gtuan bro..razz
Mantab bro,, maaf bru bs hadir soalx byk buanget yg blm gw blogwalking.

"pengajian khusus bangsa jin di lamongan"


Rizky comunity [11:12 AM, 17-Jul-12]

slowrock..ade kgak bos biggrin

Rizky comunity [11:13 AM, 17-Jul-12]

slowrock..ade kgak bos biggrin

Rizky comunity [11:14 AM, 17-Jul-12]

slowrock..ade kgak bos biggrin

SabiLz 8 [12:34 PM, 17-Jul-12]

kurang suka scream sob biggrin

kenny [06:33 PM, 17-Jul-12]

lengkap kap
Lap kap..

Jubah'merah [12:22 AM, 18-Jul-12]

mantap brow jajal ah

Chaky Anvici [02:18 AM, 18-Jul-12]

All@thanks dah mampir

Fo E aD [03:31 AM, 18-Jul-12]

nyimak wae lah. .

Agusdc zackysevenfold [03:53 PM, 16-Dec-12]

Sweet as revenge
killing me inside

dahnie [04:09 PM, 11-Jan-13]

second demise

aoutis [09:17 AM, 12-Jan-13]


LioneL [06:08 PM, 31-Jan-13]

sukses gan .

Adams [09:23 PM, 05-Mar-13]

Kau harus sisakan ruang untuk band kami

Adams [09:28 PM, 05-Mar-13]

Kau harus sisakan ruang untuk band kami:idea

kevin [11:42 AM, 22-Mar-13]

good luck kawandt

ary guntung [03:02 PM, 23-Mar-13]

top boz lagu'y...

poker9 [11:02 AM, 10-May-13]

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jackpot9 [03:47 AM, 17-May-13]

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kazino3 [01:09 PM, 02-Jun-13]

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jackpot0 [12:24 AM, 03-Jun-13]

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jackpot6 [04:35 AM, 05-Jun-13]

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Wan Barizzy [05:26 PM, 15-Jul-13]

Hey friend, itu ada yang kurang, killing me inside,sweet as revenge,isyllakiss,harddisk,velhinha,seven arround confused,power of rage,dan stupid kids mereka kok gak disebutin?

Drummer [10:58 AM, 17-Jan-14]

Old Killing me Inside mana ??

and sbntar lg bakal nambah 1 band scream lagi, Angel Lost A Half Wing (band ane) smile ane drummer .

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